The privacy terms of V & T Varahaldus (Asset Management) have been outlined here, which is also an integral part of the agreements to be concluded between you and V & T Asset Varahaldus OÜ.

This document describes how V & T Varahaldus OÜ processes your personal information and informs you, as the data subject, of your rights.

Please read the conditions before transferring data to V & T Varahaldus OÜ.

  1. What personal information does V & T Varahaldus process?

1.1 Identity — first name and surname and personal identification code.

1.2 contact details – e-mail, telephone number, postal address, etc.

1.3 Transaction data – data contained in a notarial contract concluded with V&T Varahaldus.


  1. How does V & T Varahaldus collect personal information?
    • You enter data on the Website;
    • You submit data to V & T Varahaldus by e-mail, telephone or other means of communication;
    • You transfer data to V & T Varahaldus Co-operation Partner and a third party (e.g. notary) who has the right to transfer data to V & T Varahaldus;
    • You communicate data to V & T Varahaldus orally, at meetings.


  1. For what purposes and how does V & T Varahaldus process personal data?

3.1 V & T Varahaldus processes your personal information for the preparation, conclusion and execution of contracts, as well as for the resolution of any disputes arising from the contract. We collect and process your data primarily for the purposes of concluding and performing real estate sales contracts and rental contracts. We will transfer the data to a notary, for example, to prepare the contract. Using your contact information, we will submit contract projects to you for inspection. After entering into a sales contract and/or a lease contract, we have the right to forward your personal information to, for example, the companies providing the management and maintenance services of the immovable to enable them to provide you with services in relation to your property.

3.2 V & T Varahaldus processes your personal information to make offers to you. If you have provided us with personal information, you can give us the right to provide you with information about our products and services similar to those you have previously been interested in (phone calls, marketing offers, advertising, etc.).

3.3 V & T Varahaldus may otherwise process your personal data with consent. The purpose of the processing shall be specified in the consent process. Any consent given for processing is voluntary and you are entitled to withdraw the consent given at any time.

3.4 V & T Varahaldus processes your personal data to meet legal obligations. The obligations derive mainly from the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, the Personal Data Protection Act, the Law on Obligations Act, and other applicable legislation. For example, we have a tax reporting and accounting obligation that processes and uses your personal information. This may include the transmission of your personal data to the tax administrator and other authorities, as well as to the auditor.

3.5 V & T Varahaldus processes your personal information for reasons of legitimate interest, including business interests and security (detection and prevention of fraud, prevention of malware). For example, we have a legitimate interest in keeping your transaction data for the purposes of protecting our rights during the limitation period for claims arising from a contract.

3.6 V & T Varahaldus ensures that your data is processed and stored in the territory of the European Union. We will also ensure that your personal data is fully and appropriately protected.

3.7 V & T Varahaldus has both the right and the obligation under the legislation to retain the personal data collected. We will not store personal data for longer than is necessary to fulfil our obligations unless you have given the appropriate consent to the storage and processing of the data for longer. We generally retain your personal information for 3 years. The data contained in the accounts shall be kept for 7 years in accordance with the law. In cases where we transfer personal data to another controller (e.g. a real estate management service provider), the time limits for the retention of the data shall be determined by the recipient of the data.

4. To whom does V & T Varahaldus transfer personal information?
4.1 V & T Varahaldus publishes personal information only to the extent and in the form necessary to meet the objectives listed in the privacy terms, including the preparation and execution of contracts with you or the making of offers to you.

4.2 V & T Varahaldus is obliged to publish personal data even if we have such an obligation under legislation (for example, to disclose personal data to the authorities at their lawful request).

5. What are your rights regarding the processing of personal data?

5.1 You are entitled to information on the personal data processed by V & T Varahaldus, its purposes, types and sources. You are also entitled to receive copies and extracts of personal data processed. You are entitled to request that the data be corrected or supplemented if it appears that the personal data being processed are incorrect or inaccurate.

5.2 V & T Varahaldus processes your personal information in balance with your rights and freedoms. If you consider that your rights have been infringed with regard to the processing of personal data, or if you want us to stop processing your personal data, please contact us, we will try to resolve the disagreement by negotiations.

V & T Varahaldus has the right to change these privacy terms. The conditions will be modified in particular, but not exclusively, to comply with data protection legislation. You will be notified of any changes to the privacy terms by email, and new terms will also be available on our website.

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