Rental condition


Hereby are given the conditions for renting equipment from V&T Varahaldus, which are also the basis for the contract concluded between You and V&T Varahaldus. .

This Document states which personal data V&T Varahaldus OÜ needs in order to conclude an appropriate contract. This Document also informs about the terms of contract. Processing of personal data is stated under the privacy policy on V&T Varahaldus OÜ’s website.

1. In order to conclude a contract the Tenant must present a valid identification document (Passport, ID card, Driver’s licence). The Renter has the right to ask for a deposit depending on the value of equipment that is rented. The deposit will be paid back if the equipment is returned to the Renter.

2. Upon renting a contract will be concluded which states the obligations and rights of both parties.

The contract is valid from the day the equipment is rented out to the Tenant and until the day the equipment is returned to the Renter.

3. The rental period is 6 days a week, if not stated otherwise.

The Rent is according to the price list or a fixed rate given in the contract.

The rent is paid in advance in cash or by a bank transfer through the booking system on the Renter’s webpage. An appropriate invoice will be sent via email if needed.

4. The Renter must issue a working equipment. Claims on the condition of the equipment must be done immediately or must be fixated on site.

5. The rental equipment will be issued to the Tenant after making a reservation on working days starting from 11:00 AM. The Tenant must return the rental equipment to the Renter on a given date until 10:30 AM. If the equipment is returned later than 10:30 AM the contract will lengthen automatically by one day. The rent for an extra day will be paid upon returning the equipment.

6. The Renter is not responsible for the costs that arise due to incompetent handling or inadequate maintenance of the equipment during the rental period.

The Renter is not responsible for the non-compliance of the safety rules and for the costs that may arise to the Renter due to incompetent handling of the equipment by the Tenant.

The Tenant will confirm with a signature that he/she has acquainted/has been instructed with the safety rules for handling the equipment.

7. If the rental equipment is stolen or is destroyed during the rental period, the Tenant must pay the Renter the full price of the new equipment.

8. The Tenant must return clean equipment. If the equipment is not clean the Renter will clean the equipment at the expense of the Tenant.

The Tenant must not give the rental equipment or the contract over to third parties without the written consent of the Renter.

9. If the Tenant breaks the terms given in the contract, the Renter has the right to end the contract and take back the equipment without the consent of the Tenant. The Tenant bears all costs that may arise due to untimely or non-compliant performance of the terms of the contract by the Tenant, also the costs incurred by the Renter or a third party in collecting default interest.

10. All the disputed issues will be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

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