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As for us V&T Varahaldus – we are enthusiasts in our field, who have constantly improved and developed ourselves in this field and have also received the corresponding professional certificates (Cleaning Service Provider EQF level 3) in order to prove our skills. Of course, the greatest proof is our work and its result, which we would like to pass on to you as a positive experience.

What is maintenance or regular cleaning.

Maintenance cleaning is a regular periodic cleaning service. Maintenance cleaning guarantees pleasant appearance of the premises, and in addition to cleanliness, the well-maintained rooms give the customer a pleasant overall impression and help create a safe and healthy working environment. We keep the client’s premises clean, and the clients can dedicate themselves to their main activity.

Regular maintenance cleaning is particularly effective when other cleaning operations are carried out in addition to the above mentioned. For example: window wash, deep wash of different floor coverings, protective coating, major housecleaning. The cleaning service may also include flower care, cleaning and washing of various textile materials, ordering and fitting of hygiene supplies (toilet paper), replacement of mud mats, etc.


If there is a maintenance cleaning of the surfaces of the home or office on the agenda, it is important not to forget that the cleaners and cleaning products  used must be suitable for all persons, who are constantly exposed to these surfaces. This also includes people with a high sense of smell as well as people with allergies. As a result, we only use chemical-free and natural products.

The Maintenance cleaning service includes:

  • Dust removal from furniture at arm’s length (from shelves and free surfaces on the top of the cupboards), on-site cleaning of glass surfaces and mirrors (except windows)
  • cleaning of carpets and floors with a vacuum cleaner and a damp mop in all rooms. If possible, cleaning under the furniture as well
  • cleaning the inside and outside of the toilet in the toilet and bathroom, cleaning the sink, bath / shower cabin
  • damp cleaning of working surfaces in kitchen, cleaning the hob, cleaning of sink, cleaning of kitchen furniture doors from outside

NB! Heavy scale, as well as heavy stains and heavy dirt are not removed during maintenance cleaning. If necessary, we can also perform various additional work for an additional fee, which is agreed with the customer separately.

At the request of the client, we are also prepared to procure the products required, for which separate accounts are kept and reported on a separate line in the invoice (bin bags, hygiene supplies, hand paper, liquid soap, etc.).

Maintenance cleaning prices:

1 – 2 room apartment (up to 60 m ²) Price from 60 €*
3 – 4 room apartment (up to 90 m ²) Price from 60 €*
Terraced house (up to 120 m ²) Price from 70 €*
Private house (up to 150 – 200 m ²) Price from 80 €*

* VAT is added to the prices according to the VAT Act.

* Travel costs are added outside Tallinn.

When cleaning business and office premises, the floor surfaces are cleaned dry and damp. Dust (desks, cupboards, shelves) is also cleaned and removed from free surfaces. On-site cleaning of glass surfaces and glazing is performed. Switches, plugs and wires are cleaned. Door and window jambs and handles are cleaned. Kitchenette cleaning. Toilets and washbasins are washed and disinfected in shared bathrooms / toilets. The cleaning service provider replaces the bin bags, fills the dispensers for household paper and soap.

The price of the service depends on the size and nature of the premises, the frequency of cleaning, the location and the degree of soiling.

We always apply a personal approach to find the best solution, considering the needs and opportunities of a particular customer.
Enjoy positive cleaning Experiences!