Our company’s founders are definitely big enthousiasts and specialists in their field who have gained experience and knowledge from different companies and through additional training. They know how to understand their customers’ needs and meeting customers’ expectations truly puts a spark in their eyes. Smaller businesses providing different services (maintenance cleaning, real-estate services, rental services) to their customers are  combined under the name of V&T property management. 

We always try to ask ourselves questions like ’’why is it so?’’ and ’’how could we do even better?’’ in everything that we do. By doing that, we have found our own approach and ways of doing things. This allows us to differ from the average service provider and always keep up with the changes. It applies to the processes as well as to evaluating our services. The competition is fierce but motivating. 

V&T Property management provides accommodation services and also services related to property maintenance and cleaning. From providing an administrator to ensuring occupational safety. 

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We have positioned ourselves as the quarantor of added value for property owners/managers. In the structure of our work and activities, we want to take on all the daily and specific worries and wishes of the client and do so in a way that we go unnoticed in our activities. We ensure that our clients can focus on their core businesses in a clean, healthy and pleasant work environment. 

We take all the individual and unique needs of our customers into consideration in terms of both the content and the form of the service. Every customer and their lõng-term satisfaction is important to us. We offer a flexible and customer-friendly service to our current and future customers, which is highly valued by our existing customers. 



For V&T , providing a high-quality service is a number-one priority and thus we guarantee a continuous and long-term customer base. 


Services - Focus Voice NetworksFor example, in cleaning services we use only high-quality cleaning solutions and professional, modern technologies and equiplement which allow ust to offer good quality to even the most demanding customer. We have maximized the use of natural ingredients which ensures a healthy working environment for both allergy sufferers and more sensitive people. 

The Administrators who interact with the customers and visitors every day receive regular additional training in the field of customer service as well as solving security issues and co-operating with the maintenance team in the building.  

Of course, the greatest proof is our work and the result of that which we would like to pass on to You as a positive experience. 


Our employees 

The main resource of our company is, of course, our employees. Be it cleaning staff, administrators, brokers or lawn mowers. V&T pays great attention to the continuous training of its employees and their development and competence in creating and maintaining a good atmosphere in the company and maintaining it consistently. 

We value our employees. A happy employee is a productive employee 


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